The Challenge of Big Data – Professor Chris Budd OBE

Gresham Lecture: The Challenge of Big Data

Information plays a huge role in the modern world, with vast amounts of data literally at our finger tips. The Internet is leading to an ever-increasing amount of data, leading to the ‘challenge of Big Data’, in which we have to deal with huge amounts of data of direct relevance to people’s lives. Without mathematics, we would be unable to store, transmit, interpret, process or understand any of this. The rise of Big Data is associated not only with major technological challenges, but also with significant ethical and privacy issues, and has major policy implications.


The Women Taking Math To The Next Dimension by Lauren J. Young, Science Friday

The Women Taking Math To The Next Dimension

Rebecca Goldin, Emily Riehl, and Eugenia Cheng share their favorite puzzles, explain why math is like a dragon, and give tips for young women entering the field.

Mathematics: The Next Generation by Professor Peter Cameron – 2013 LMS/Gresham College Lecture

“Mathematics is important to us all. So it is important to enable young mathematicians, clear-thinking and passionate about their subject, to contribute at the highest level. Peter Cameron will talk about his experience designing and presenting a course for first-semester university students aiming to produce mathematicians.”

What Have Mathematicians Done For Us? – Professor Chris Budd OBE

More information: Gresham Lecture: What have mathematicians done for us?

“Mathematics has played a vital role in the development of human civilisation, and is the foundation of much of modern technology and popular culture. However, the achievements of mathematics and mathematicians are often unknown or misunderstood. The contribution of mathematicians over the centuries will be celebrated, showing how mathematical ideas have huge relevance today – varying between Maxwell and the mobile phone, Florence Nightingale and modern statistics, Pythagoras and the development of music, Euclid and art, Euler and Facebook, and Cayley and Google. Even basic mathematics can make a profound difference to our lives.”