Sacred Geometry: photographs by Massimo Rumi

Sacred Geometry – photos from Iran taken by Massimo Rumi


Why the history of maths is also the history of art – The Guardian

Alex Bellos’s Adventures in Numberland, The Guardian 2nd December 2015:

In her new book Mathematics and Art, historian Lyn Gamwell explores how artists have for thousands of years used mathematical concepts – such as infinity, number and form – in their work. Here she choses ten stunning images from her book that reveal connections between maths and art.”

Video Shows Off the Relationship Between Dance and Architecture

“Fabricating Performance”  at Gizmodo via

“The concept behind the short film “Fabricating Performance” by theInteractive Architecture Lab and the study that surrounds it concerns reciprocation in design.

Humans interact with space; shapes define space; humans then interact differently with the space after new objects have entered the picture.

In the case of the dancer in the video, her movements are tracked by a machine that then bends an industrial CNC pipe to mimic her. The objects are then placed around the room, thereby affecting her future choreography.

This highlights the relationship between architecture and choreography. According to the lab, which has a new program dedicated to the study between these two seemingly different art forms, analyzing this relationship can give people in both fields new insights and inspiration.

“Reciprocal exchanges of language to discuss the body and its geometry have been assimilated, often altering the meanings of these terms and offering designers and artists new insights into the creative process,” the paper, set to be presented at the Architecture InPlay Conference in Lisbon in July, stated.”

25 stunning photographs of sacred geometry and fractals in nature

25 stunning photographs  of sacred geometry and fractals in nature

from TIMEWHEEL “a record label, creative studio and artistic platform that was founded by a collective of San Antonio-based artists and musicians to create and celebrate music, art and culture.”

Art of Splash – high speed photography by Corrie White

Art of Splash – high speed photography by Corrie White

via Jennifer Ouellette @JenLucPiquant

“I have a passion for water drop photography! A macro art form where you can mould a figure made of liquids, and where each one is totally unique. This type of photography lets you experience what is usually invisible to the human eye.”

“For me art and maths has been a two way process” – artist Ann-Marie Ison

The Maths Scholars scheme interviews artist Ann-Marie Ison

“Ann-Marie Ison has been working as a teaching assistant in schools for around 7 years. She specialises in working with children and young people with complex needs and learning difficulties.  Art has also helped dramatically with really complex mathematical ideas….’As art is a passion of mine I tried to bring it into some of the maths I was teaching with the children. The way I’ve done that is to focus on ideas regarding pattern, repetition and symmetry.'”