Mathematics Goes To The Movies – Professor Chris Budd OBE

Gresham Lecture: Mathematics Goes To The Movies

An enormous amount of our leisure time is spent interacting with the media, watching television and movies. Much of the space on our computers (and on the Internet) is taken up with static and moving images, and images are also extremely important in fields varying from medicine to crime protection. These images are stored as numbers, and mathematics can be used to create, manipulate and change them. Characters such as Shrek are actually a collection of triangles and other mathematical objects, demonstrating the role of mathematics in the creation of movies.


What Have Mathematicians Done For Us? – Professor Chris Budd OBE

More information: Gresham Lecture: What have mathematicians done for us?

“Mathematics has played a vital role in the development of human civilisation, and is the foundation of much of modern technology and popular culture. However, the achievements of mathematics and mathematicians are often unknown or misunderstood. The contribution of mathematicians over the centuries will be celebrated, showing how mathematical ideas have huge relevance today – varying between Maxwell and the mobile phone, Florence Nightingale and modern statistics, Pythagoras and the development of music, Euclid and art, Euler and Facebook, and Cayley and Google. Even basic mathematics can make a profound difference to our lives.”

Sperner’s lemma defeats the rental harmony problem from Mathologer


“TRICKY PROBLEM: A couple of friends want to rent an apartment. The rooms are quite different and the friends have different preferences and different ideas about what’s worth what. Is there a way to split the rent and assign rooms to the friends so that everybody ends up being happy? In this video the Mathologer sets out to explain a very elegant new solution to this and related hard fair division problems that even made it into the New York Times. Featuring Sperner’s lemma and Viviviani’s theorem.”