A Physicist’s Physicist Ponders the Nature of Reality – Edward Witten with Nicola Wolchover

A Physicist’s Physicist Ponders the Nature of Reality

“Edward Witten reflects on the meaning of dualities in physics and math, emergent space-time, and the pursuit of a complete description of nature.”
By Nicola Wolchover , Quanta Magazine.

The End of Space and Time? – Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf


Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe – Roger Penrose

Lecture at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford University


Roger Penrose: A Knight on the tiles – plus Magazine

Roger Penrose: A Knight on the tiles

from plus magazine

“Sir Roger Penrose is one of the world’s most widely known mathematicians. His popular books describe his insights and speculations about the workings of the human mind and the relationships between mathematics and physics. His interests range from astrophysics and quantum mechanics to mathematical puzzles and games. As a teenager, he invented the so-called “Penrose staircase”, used by Escher in some of his famous optical illusion drawings, such as the one below. Helen Joyce from the Plus team talked to Sir Roger about his ideas.”


Five Books – Jim Al-Khalili on The Atom

Jim Al-Khalili on The Atom

“The professor of theoretical physics explains why Einstein and Feynman were great scientists, and tells us why studying atoms is fun.”


Quantum Mechanics for Dummies – explained by London City Girl

“Hi Everyone, today we’re sharing Quantum Mechanics made simple! This 20 minute explanation covers the basics and should give you a good foundation for understanding the principles of Quantum Mechanics.”