So you want to be a mathematician?

I’ll pass this on to my students.

The Intrepid Mathematician



A few years back, I volunteered for the Ontario Universities Fair and spoke to a high school student who loved mathematics and wanted to study it in university. I told him about our programs and we chatted about math.  He returned a few minutes after our discussion, this time with his mother.

“What good is studying mathematics? I want my son to be a CEO,” she said, arms crossed and brows knit.

Image result for ontario universities fair crowds ryerson The Ontario Universities Fair is held each Fall in Toronto. Thousands of high school students and their parents chat with university professors, staff, and students about post-secondary program options.

I pointed out how studying math can make you a great problem solver in any career. The analytic skills honed studying advanced mathematics would even benefit you as a CEO. Math is also fun and is universal in the sciences and engineering.

I don’t think she…

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Discovering new technologies at Wired Magazine: Next Generation event


By Lara Loasby, Block 4

On Saturday 4 November, I was lucky enough to attend the annual Wired Magazine Next Generation event for the third time running.

This year did not disappoint, with lots of incredible talks and pieces of new technology to experience. The venue was the Tobacco Dock in east London – a really interesting building and yet I found it a strangely historical venue to hold a technology convention in.

We registered at 9am and went to the interactive zone to try out all the new examples of technology on display. There were three examples of virtual reality art on show, one was a five-minute movie and the other two were purely pieces of art called Rainbow and Aqua Phobia respectively.  Aqua Phobia was very quirky and in some senses creepy, seemingly set in abandoned pipeways tinted green with water gushing everywhere.

The VR movie was stunning…

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