“For me art and maths has been a two way process” – artist Ann-Marie Ison

The Maths Scholars scheme interviews artist Ann-Marie Ison

“Ann-Marie Ison has been working as a teaching assistant in schools for around 7 years. She specialises in working with children and young people with complex needs and learning difficulties.  Art has also helped dramatically with really complex mathematical ideas….’As art is a passion of mine I tried to bring it into some of the maths I was teaching with the children. The way I’ve done that is to focus on ideas regarding pattern, repetition and symmetry.'”


The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Numbers: Fact versus Fiction – Keith Devlin

Professor Keith Devlin dives into the topics of the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers.
Originally presented in the Stanford Continuing Studies Program.

The Dragon Hiding in the Tree – Robert Fathauer

“This short movie demonstrates an unexpected relationship between the canonical Pythagorean Tree and the Dragon Curve. This is based on folding the tree according to a particular sets of rules, shown in an animation created using Mathematica and Photoshop. A naturalistic fractal tree based on this construct is also shown. Relationships between binary Pythagorean Trees and other fractal curves is demonstrated as well.”

2015 Bridges Conference Short Movie Festival

Seifert surfaces – Saul Schleimer and Henry Segerman

“We are geometric topologists, and we are interested in visualising knots, surfaces and three-manifolds. Prompted by this, we design 3D printed models of these objects. This movie shows and explains some of the relevant mathematics.

Seifert surfaces are spanning surfaces for knots, in a similar way to how soap films span wire loops. The Seifert surfaces for torus knots have a beautiful representation as the Milnor fibers of polynomial singularities.”

2015 Bridges Conference Short Movie Festival