Terence Tao: Structure and Randomness in the Prime Numbers, UCLA

Uploaded on Jan 22, 2009.

Lecture for a general audience.



Biographies of RÓZSA PÉTER and JULIA ROBINSON via Open Logic Project


The Open Logic Project “is a collection of teaching materials on mathematical logic aimed at a non-mathematical audience, intended for use in advanced logic courses as taught in many philosophy departments. It is open-source: you can download the LaTeX code. It is open: you’re free to change it whichever way you like, and share your changes. It is collaborative: a team of people is working on it, using the GitHub platform, and we welcome contributions and feedback. And it is written with configurability in mind.”

Calculus – In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg

Calculus – In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, BBC Radio 4.

“Melvyn Bragg discusses the epic feud between Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz over who invented an astonishingly powerful new mathematical tool – calculus. Both claimed to have conceived it independently, but the argument soon descended into a bitter battle over priority, plagiarism and philosophy. Set against the backdrop of the Hanoverian succession to the English throne and the formation of the Royal Society, the fight pitted England against Europe, geometric notation against algebra. It was fundamental to the grounding of a mathematical system which is one of the keys to the modern world, allowing us to do everything from predicting the pressure building behind a dam to tracking the position of a space shuttle.”

The Fields Medals 2014: Podcast interview with Manjul Bhargava – Plus magazine

Manjul Bhargava was one of the winners of a Fields Medal at the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians.

Podcast interview and abridged version of his Fields Medal lecture – by Plus magazine editors  Marianne Freiberger and Rachel Thomas.