25 stunning photographs of sacred geometry and fractals in nature

25 stunning photographs  of sacred geometry and fractals in nature

from TIMEWHEEL “a record label, creative studio and artistic platform that was founded by a collective of San Antonio-based artists and musicians to create and celebrate music, art and culture.”


Art of Splash – high speed photography by Corrie White

Art of Splash – high speed photography by Corrie White

via Jennifer Ouellette @JenLucPiquant

“I have a passion for water drop photography! A macro art form where you can mould a figure made of liquids, and where each one is totally unique. This type of photography lets you experience what is usually invisible to the human eye.”

Mathematical Impressions: Curved and Straight? – by George Hart

The elliptic hyperboloid is a beautiful quadratic surface that is “doubly ruled,” meaning that the surface, although curved, contains two straight lines through each point…Here it is applied to the design of a walk-through archway in the teaching garden at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.”

Simons Foundation.

Cracking the code: how patterns make you more mindful – The Guardian


Image from http://patternity.org/studio/

Cult blog Patternity reveals the hidden geometry in everything from galaxies to flamingos. But how can looking at manhole covers make you more mindful? Pattern-obsessives Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham reveal all

And their blog Patternity