A curious identity connecting e, i and the golden ratio by Flying Colours Maths

A curious identity connecting e, i and the golden ratio…. by Colin Beveridge


The Key to the Riemann Hypothesis – Numberphile

L-Functions are likely play a key role in proving the Riemann Hypothesis, says Professor Jon Keating from the University of Bristol.
L-Function & Modular Form database: http://www.lmfdb.org
Prime Number and Riemann Hypothesis playlist: http://bit.ly/primevids

Ubiquitous octonions – John Baez in Plus magazine

Ubiquitous octonions by John Baez via Plus magazine.


Complex numbers, quaternions and octonions – Plus magazine

Curious quaternions  by Helen Joyce, in an interview with John Baez, a mathematical physicist at the University of California, Riverside. From Plus magazine.


“Abstract 248-dimensional map may unify the laws of nature.”

The World’s Most Complex Structure: Abstract 248-dimensional map may unify the laws of nature

by Alex Stone from Discover magazine.


“Mathematicians Chase Moonshine’s Shadow” via Quanta Magazine

Researchers are on the trail of a mysterious connection between number theory, algebra and string theory

By Erica Klarreich, Quanta magazine


Polynomials and their Roots – Raymond Flood

Polynomials and their Roots with Raymond Flood.

Second in the Gresham Lecture Series “Shaping Modern Mathematics”.