Cédric Villani – Breaking the Walls between Economics, Physics and Geometry@Falling Walls 2011


A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The Bicylinder by Evelyn Lamb

A Few of My Favorite Spaces: The Bicylinder

Also known as mouhefanggai or the Steinmetz solid, this shape appeared in the first Chinese explorations of the volume of a sphere

by Evelyn Lamb via Scientific American

Vector Field by Anvaka

Field Play

By Anvaka

“This website allows you to explore vector fields in real time.

“Vector field” is just a fancy way of saying that each point on a screen has some vector associated with it. This vector could mean anything, but for our purposes we consider it to be a velocity vector.

Now that we have velocity vectors at every single point, let’s drop thousands of small particles and see how they move. Resulting visualization could be used by scientist to study vector fields, or by artist to get inspiration!”